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If you’re looking for a blackjack variant with a challenge, you can stop right here.  Triple Attack Blackjack was first introduced in 2010 and actually won the best new table game of the year award that year.

The game was created by Galaxy Gaming, known as being “distinctively different” in what they do. It is a game that will truly test your blackjack skills.

The gist of the game is being able to “attack” your hand with more wagers as the hand develops.  The player can add to their bet after seeing their first card and add again after seeing the dealer’s up card. As you can image, this would create a big player advantage, so of course there are rules to offset that advantage.


Rules are the same as classic blackjack except for the following exceptions:

  • Uses Eight 48-card decks-all tens are removed, called a Spanish deck
  • Dealer hits soft 17
  • Can double any number of cards, even after a split
  • Split any 2 cards, up to four hands
  • Aces may be split up to four hands
  • Blackjack pays even money, wins even if dealer has blackjack
  • Insurance is allowed, pays 2-1, pays 5-1 if dealer has suited blackjack
  • If Dealer busts with 22, all remaining players push
  • Six card Charlie wins, total of 21 or less with 6 cards


Play of the hand starts with the players placing their initial bets, referred to as the first attack.

The dealer then deals the first cards to the players.  The players now can make a 2nd attack, or bet, based on just that card, without seeing the dealer’s card.  This bet must be equal to the first bet.

Once all players have decided to make or not make a 2nd attack, the dealer deals a card to himself, face up.

The players now have the option to make a 3rd attack bet, equal to the first bet. A 3rd attack bet is allowed even if you didn’t make a 2nd attack, so for a hand, the player can have 1,2 or 3 bets at risk. (not counting side bets)


After all 3rd bets are made, the dealer deals a second card to the players and himself (his card is face down)

If the dealer has an Ace up, he will ask if anybody wants insurance.  Winning insurance bets pay 2-1, but 5-1 if the blackjack is suited.

Play continues as in classic blackjack.  If you beat the dealer, your win pays even money.

Bonus Side Bets:

  1. Suited Royals – Pays if your first two cards are suited, K-Q pays 40:1, other suited face cards pay 10:1, any other suited cards pay 2:1
  2. Triple Match – Pay is based on player and dealer’s up card combined,  suited 3 of a kind pays 150:1, not suited 3 of a kind pays 20:1, suited pair pays 4:1, not suited pair pays 2:1
  3. Insurance – Considered a bonus bet because it pays 5:1 for suited blackjack



As you can imagine, strategy for this version would be a bit more complicated than that of classic blackjack.  Every new card dealt, can mean a different action should be employed.

The first attack is the initial bet, so that is mandatory.  The 2nd and 3rd attacks are optional and determined by the dealt cards.

The second attack should only be made if you receive a face card or an ace.  Whether or not a third attack is made, depends on your card and the dealer’s up card.

Strategy for playing the hand is quite varied because of the number cards you can end up with as a result of doubling and splitting.  The Wizard of Odds has created several useful strategy charts, found here, that I would refer to.

House edge in this game is said to be 1.17%.


This has got to be one of the most challenging versions of blackjack around.  If you find classic blackjack too easy and boring, try this for a change of pace.  It will take more concentration to beat this game, than classic blackjack.  I’m guessing only the best players can find the fun in this version, for most it will be a formidable opponent.  Are you up for the challenge?

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  1. Black jack (21) has been my go to when I pay my visit to any casino. The percent chance that you are going to win is the highest out of all the games and I still get to have that excitement when I draw that card lol

    I have no idea that triple attack black jack has been around since 2010! What an exciting way play by removing all the 10s not you have to only count all the As. It sure is sounds like it is way harder to play this game and definitely will need more concentration. Well, I will give it a try next time I go to the casino 🙂 Thanks for sharing the rules. 

  2. Triple attack Blackjack as it was created by Galaxy Gaming and was introduced in year 2010 and by the rules; since is got exceptional knew rules to play along with on card decks as, they uses Eight 48-card decks-all tens are removed, called a Spanish deck…yes it sounds more better than classic blackjack but is really challenging & takes more concentrating to beat the game and aces may be split up to four hands, is likable to have chances of winning.



  3. Nicely done. Sounds way more challenging or complicated that standard Black Jack, but potentially more fun. How can you play that version of Black Jack BEFORE you start wagering? Get a little experience in the game before diving in and playing for real? With all the casinos closed around the country for the most part, this could be a way to get your gamble on

    • Well, unfortunately with no casinos open, there’s not a chance to try it right now.  There is a similar version called Double Attack Blackjack that you may find online.  I’m not sure if there is any kind of demo available for practice.  I’d first make sure I understand basic strategy at least and then only play with money I can afford to lose!  It could be a fun experience. Good luck!

  4. Wow! this is so amazing. Your review on the Tripple attack blackjack is really wonderful. Personally, I have been wanting to know more about this Tripple attack, and nobody has been able to put me through but your review just gave me the knowledge I have been looking out for. Thank you very much for this exceptional review.

  5. Hello there, thank you so much for this  post on triple attack blackjack, i like the fact that you were very detailed in sharing the rules and the strategies of triple attack black jack which is highly commendable, i uave always found find classic blackjack too easy and boring I really think this wiill be more challenging for me.

    thanks for sharing.

  6. Hey nice article you have there. I have been playing the classics jackpot ever since lockdown was initiated in my country, to help eliminate boredom. The challennge there is too easy which has made me to lose interest in it. From your article I think the Triple attack jackpot will definitely be the version I have been wanting to have for a more difficult challenging task.


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