CASH GAME STRATEGY-Tips for a profitable poker session

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A poker cash game is a game where the players use real chips and are betting real money.  A cash game is also called a ring game or live action game.

There is no designated start or stop time and they will happen 24 hours a day in casinos and online.

The amount of money bet is usually preset for a particular table, but the most popular are the no-limit, Texas Hold’em games.


Playing in a regular cash game as opposed to in a tournament, requires different strategy because typically a tournament is a winner-take-all situation.  With a cash game, you can stop playing whenever you want and therefore you can determine your profit or loss.

Cash games are more about value. There has to be strategy in play all through the hand with a cash game. Play can be more difficult because there are generally more chips on the line, so you have to think about strategy from the flop to the river.

In a tournament, the fact of being “on the bubble” (1st player out of pay position) will make a player hesitant on going for maximum value.


  • Try to keep a healthy stack size.  This seems obvious but the tendency is to have your stack get so low, and then you start making bad decisions out of panic.  If you feel you’re the best player, keep a good stack of chips so you can maximize profit when the opportunity arises.
  • Do not open limp preflop.  Limping in, just to see more flops is not good. Experienced players will usually raise preflop as a sign of aggression.  This lets you win pots postflop that you probably would not have won with limping in.
  • Try to be the last person to bet or raise.  When players end up checking around to you, you can often win the pot with a continuation bet.
  • Bet aggressively only if you’re in position.  Being out of position is always a disadvantage.
  • Know when to hold, know when to fold.  Don’t try to play every hand, and don’t stay in a pot too long.
  • Play tight and try to open with top pair or better only.  Don’t bluff too often, just value bet your good hands. When you open with solid hands, you will make solid hands after the flop.
  • Bluff on the flop if there is a potential backdoor draw, such as runner-runner, flush or straight on the river.
  • Almost always 3-bet with a premium hand.
  • Play with an amount you can afford to lose!
  • Don’t let “tilt” get you…try to stay calm and mentally alert!


Cash game strategy is not hard to figure out.  If you play tight but aggressive, you will probably end up with a very profitable poker session.

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