With more and more casinos going to a 6:5 blackjack payoff, you should  understand the significant difference this makes.

The casual blackjack player is not going to care, or may not even realize there can be a different payout on blackjack from table to table.  They may feel they would rarely get blackjack, so it’s no big deal to them.

The problem is that the difference can really hurt your potential profits.  The draw to these games is that they’re usually single-deck games, which many casual players feel is more advantageous.

The odds of hitting a blackjack are actually 1 in every 21 hands over a lifetime, coincidentally. For example, if you’re playing at a 4-handed table, for five hours, at a $10 per hand, you’ll probably hit 21 blackjacks in that time period.

Out of those 21 blackjacks, let’s say you push on 2 of them because the dealer is mean like that.  You’ll be paid on 19 blackjacks. At 6:5 on a $10 bet, you’ll be paid $12. At 3:2 on a $10 bet, you’ll be paid $15.  That makes for a difference of $57.  Because the house pays 6:5, instead of the traditional 3:2, they have ripped you off of $57!  That may not seem like a lot, but if you played 10 times, being cheated out of $57 each session, that’s $570 after 10 visits!

That payout difference gives the house about a 1.4% additional edge in the game.  If you only play once or twice a year, it won’t be a big deal to you, but if you’re going to be a regular player, it’s a killer!

Here’s a chart that shows the results of that difference:

Blackjack PayoffStandard Daily Win/Loss RangeAve. Daily ResultAverage YearStatistical Odds Against a Winning Year
3 -to- 2+$210/-$265($28)($330)2 to 1
6 -to- 5+$150/-$325($88)($1,000)9 to 1

Additional drawbacks of a 6:5 payoff:

  • If you don’t make a bet divisible by 5, your payoff will not be totally paid at 6:5.  For instance, if you bet $8, you will get $6 for the first $5, but the last $3 will be paid at even money, resulting in a payout of $9. (instead of the $9.60 it should be at full odds) At a 3:2 odds payout, any even amount bet will get the full 3:2 payout.
  • The even money payoff on a blackjack if the dealer shows an Ace, is not allowed in a 6:5 game because of the uneven payout.
  • It also impacts dealer tips. In a 3:2 game, a $1 tip to the dealer pays him $1.50, whereas as $1 tip in a 6:5 game is only a $1, because small change is not handled. (the tip should pay $1.20)
  • Not really a drawback, but you wouldn’t find a 6:5 payout on a high stakes table. The high rollers know better than to stand for that ripoff!

Final Thoughts

Remember, blackjack is popular because the house edge is low, now casinos are looking to change that and this is a simple way for them to up their edge.  They know the casual tourist player, or uninformed beginner, will not realize the difference.

Try not to play at 6:5 tables.  Don’t fall for the single-deck ploy and lower minimum bets, it’s not a better deal if blackjack pays 6:5.  Perhaps if casinos see a drop in play at the 6:5 tables, they’ll bring back more 3:2 tables, which is what we want!  Unfortunately, it will probably end up the way it’s going now…more 6:5 tables with lower minimum bets, and the 3:2 payout tables left for the high stakes players.


Have you ever thought about entering a slot tournament at a casino?  With the winning prizes getting bigger and bigger, it’s definitely worth a try. 

Those people that have entered seem to be having a lot of fun. Unfortunately, there is no real strategy to guarantee a win in a slot tournament.  There is nothing you can do to change the results of a slot machine spin, they are totally random.

Slot tournaments are run either based on a certain time limit or a certain number of credits.  The time limit format is the most common and what I will discuss here.

To improve your chance to win, you want to get in the most spins within that time period.  That’s why you see the experienced players just continually pressing the spin button.  You don’t want to wait for credits to add up, the machine will catch up with you.

You also shouldn’t get caught watching the results of a big winning spin, or a near miss, just keep pressing.  You have to keep your focus and concentration on pressing the spin button.

Keeping your focus and concentration also means not watching other players or any other distraction.  Your goal is to get as many spins in as you can.  Checking out the competition while you’re playing, is a waste of time and money!  You can find out what they did when you’re done!

Strategy in a Nutshell:

  • Get to the tournament a little bit early to relax and adjust to the atmosphere
  • If you have a lucky charm, bring it!
  • Once it starts, just keep spinning as fast as you can
  • Stay focused, keep your eyes on your machine, don’t look around
  • Have fun because it’s just a matter of luck anyway!

Business Opportunity

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Just by the name, you might be able to figure out it is another variation that combines poker with blackjack.  The game was developed by FYI Gaming Inc and is available in downtown Las Vegas at the Fremont Hotel, as well as online at several casinos.


-Blackjack Rules

  • Dealer hits soft 17
  • Dealer checks for 21 if 10 or Ace showing
  • Double allowed on any two cards
  • Split allowed once
  • Double after split allowed
  • Insurance allowed on blackjack bet only
  • Surrender not allowed
  • Busted blackjack hands still play as poker hand
  • Blackjack pays 3:2

-Poker Rules

  • Dealer must have Queen high or better to qualify, if not the player wins even money on the ante bet and pushes on the additional bet
  • Only the first two cards are used, therefore only pairs and high cards play
  • If a player has split his cards for the blackjack play, the first two dealt cards are used for poker
  • A player’s natural blackjack can be a win/loss/tie on the ante, but a push on the additional bet
  • Tie hands are a push
  • Poker bonus side bet is based on whether you’re dealt a pair with the first two cards
  • Poker wins pay 1:1


Unlike 21 + 3 blackjack, you must play both the blackjack side and the poker side of the game.

The hand starts with the player making two bets, one for the ante or poker side, and one for the blackjack side. The bets are placed separately in the two clearly marked betting circles, “Ante” or “21”.  The ante bet cannot be more than the 21 bet. There is a third betting circle for an additional side bet called the poker bonus side bet.

The players are dealt two cards face down, the dealer receives one card face down, one card face up.

The players then decide if they want to play their two cards for the poker hand.  If the player wants to play the poker portion, an additional bet must be laid out, if not, the ante bet is lost.

The blackjack hand is played out first, with each player deciding to double, split, hit or stand. Once all players have completed their hand, the dealer finishes out his hand.

Once the blackjack portion is finished, cards are left on the table and the poker portion is finally decided and payoffs made.


This bet considers the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s up card.  The dealer’s card is only used to determine a 3 of a kind payout, not pairs.

If the first two cards are not a pair, the bonus side bet is automatically lost.

There are different payouts based on different versions, but the range is as follows:

  • Three Aces of Spades: $5000 – $10,000
  • Three Suited Aces: $1000 – $5000
  • Suited 3 of a Kind: $250 – $750
  • Unsuited 3 Aces: $100 – $200
  • Unsuited 3 of a Kind: $40 – $50
  • Suited Pair of Aces: $25 – $30
  • Unsuited Pair of Aces: $10 – $15
  • Suited Pair: $5 – $15
  • Unsuited Pair: $3 – $5


I’d say it’s another interesting version that combines two of the most popular casino games, blackjack and poker.  It’s an exciting attention grabber, that should provide a good challenge to the top blackjack players.


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Let’s take a look at this new, live dealer, game by Playtech, for a new way to play online blackjack. It’s totally scalable and adds an inventive new twist to blackjack to enhance player level interaction.

The game features two different modes, Majority Rules and Best Strategy, with the mode being determined by the number of players.

Majority Rules allows all players to vote on the player’s move, in terms of Hit, Stand, Double, etc., and then the action that receives the majority vote, is the play that will be made. The Best Strategy mode takes place when there are fewer players and the player’s action is done automatically based on pre-determined, best strategical blackjack moves.


The table has two seats that can hold an unlimited number of players. Whether the particular seat is playing Majority Rules or Best Strategy modes, depends on the number of players in the seat.

  • Bets are placed on the betting positions, betting on both seats is allowed
  • You will see indicators to show if enough players are betting to invoke the Majority Rules mode
  • If Majority Rule is played, voting on each action is taken, and will continue as long as there is action to take. (hit, double, stand, etc)
  • If Best Strategy is played, there is no action round for the players, the hand is completed automatically
  • Insurance (if enabled by particular provider) is not decided by Majority Rule or Best Strategy, but offered separately to each player
  • If every player busts, the dealer does not draw additional cards


Because these two actions require additional bets, the decision about how they are handled are made at the beginning of the game.  At the beginning, you decide if split and double actions are to be made automatically if that move received majority vote, or in certain circumstances applied using best strategy. 

If the action of split or double is voted and automatic decision was agreed upon, money is instantly taken from your bankroll.  If you haven’t agreed on automatic split/double or lack the funds, you will automatically follow the right hand for splits, and hit and stand for a double.

Exception: If you have picked not to follow automatic decisions, but also cast your vote in Majority Rules mode, the chosen action will be applied to you as well.


There are side bets available which can be made, once a main bet is placed:

  • 21 + 3 – This is a bet that takes the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s first card and hope to combine for a ranking poker hand, such as suited 3 of a kind, straight flush, 3 of a kind, straight, and flush
  • Pairs – Betting on the first two cards, forming player’s pairs, dealer’s pair, perfect pairs, colored pairs, and red/black pairs
  • Buster Blackjack – Betting that the dealer busts, and the more cards he has when he busts, the higher the payoff
  • Lucky Lucky – Betting on your first two cards and the dealer’s first card forming a specific combination of: Suited 777, Suited 678, unsuited 777, unsuited 678, suited 21(3 card total other than 777, 678), 21 (3 card total other than 777, 678), Any 20 combo, Any 19 combo.


  • Blackjack – 3:2
  • Winning Hand – 1:1
  • Insurance – 2:1
  • Side bet-Suited 3 of a kind – 100:1
  • Side bet-Straight Flush – 40:1
  • Side bet-3 of a kind – 30:1
  • Side bet-Flush – 5:1
  • Side bet-Perfect pair – 25:1
  • Side bet-Colored pair – 12:1
  • Side bet-Red/Black pair – 6:1
  • Side bet-Buster BJ 8+ cards and player has Blackjack – 2000:1
  • Side bet-Buster BJ 7 cards and player has Blackjack – 800:1
  • Side bet-Buster BJ 8+ cards – 250:1
  • Side bet-Buster BJ 7 cards – 50:1
  • Side bet-Buster BJ 6 cards – 18:1
  • Side bet-Buster BJ 5 cards – 4:1
  • Side bet-Buster BJ 3 or 4 cards – 2:1
  • Side bet-Lucky Lucky Suited 777 – 200:1
  • Side bet-Lucky Lucky Suited 678 – 100:1
  • Side bet-Lucky Lucky 777 – 50:1
  • Side bet-Lucky Lucky 678 – 25:1
  • Side bet-Lucky Lucky Suited 21 – 15:1
  • Side bet-Lucky Lucky 21 – 3:1
  • Side bet-Lucky Lucky Any 20 – 2:1
  • Side bet-Lucky Lucky Any 19 – 2:1


I can see this game version catching on quickly.  First, if you’re a beginner, you can test your strategy knowledge. You would hope the majority of players are knowledgeable and know the correct play and therefore you can test your knowledge by seeing how often you agree with the majority or not.

Second, while side bets are usually sucker bets, the odds for these side bets are highly enticing and how great would it be to hit a 2000:1 side bet?

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dr strains discount code


It’s almost that time where the casinos can open up to us gamblers again.  Woohoo! I can hardly wait…what about you?

The real question should be, have you kept your game up by at least playing online?

I hope so, but let’s take a look at how you can come back to the land based casinos and return to your winning ways.

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Simple Card Counting

As we all know, card counting is not illegal, only highly frowned upon.  The casino heads know that card counting provides a distinct advantage to the player.  It doesn’t totally take away the house edge, but severely decreases that house advantage.

There aren’t many competitive activities where if you take the time to make it easier for you, you’re actually penalized.  It hardly seems fair that, card counting is not against the rules, yet you’re asked not to use that skill you have worked hard to acquire.

I’m going to present a very simple method of card counting that will make your win percentage slightly higher than just going with basic strategy and no card counting.  A slight advantage is always better than no advantage.

Simple Mathematical Analysis

First of all, you have to be alert at the table, and clearly aware of all the cards of all the players.

Also realize that most casinos use a 6-deck shoe, meaning there are 312 cards, with 96 of those cards valued at 10.

Why does that matter? You can make the assumption that the dealer will cut 1.5 decks (78 cards) out of play after the shuffle, with 24 of them being 10-value cards.  That leaves 72, 10-value cards among the 234 cards left in play.

Because of the Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing, we can assume only 3 players, plus a dealer are at the table.  Not a bad thing in my mind! So, let’s estimate 12 cards dealt per hand, therefore 20 hands dealt before a shuffle is required.  If 10-value cards come out proportionally, you should see 3, 10-value cards dealt per hand.

How It Works

You start with the premise that you should see at least three 10-value cards each hand.  If you see 3, 10-value cards, your count is zero. if you see 2, 10-value cards, your count is -1. (one short of the expected 3)  After each hand, you add or subtract that round’s total from the previous running total.

For example, the first hand had 3, 10-value cards, running count total 0, the next hand had 2, 10-value cards, total -1, running count total -1, and the next hand had 2, 10-value cards, total -1, running count total -2.

As you keep your running count, a plus number indicates a shoe with more 10-value cards, meaning advantage player, so bet bigger. A negative number indicates a shoe with fewer 10-value cards, meaning advantage house, so bet smaller.

Since that is such a simple counting method, you can also try to track Aces, noticing how many have been played. If it seems like a large number have been dealt the first half of the shoe, you should keep your bets smaller during the second half because the chance of hitting a blackjack is definitely smaller.  If you haven’t seen many Aces, then increase your bet, hoping to hit a blackjack and payoff of 3:2.

One more card to consider tracking are fives. A five is considered dealer friendly because it allows him to draw to a stronger hand.  If you think there are plenty of 5’s still in the shoe, bet small because it’s advantage dealer, if it’s vice versa, bet bigger.

BONUS TIP: If you have a hard time keeping track of the count, a good tip is to use an extra stack of chips, to add to when the count is plus and subtract from when the count is negative.  As the dealer is running out of cards and you notice your extra stack is high, time to bet bigger!


Remember, there are many different card counting methods, and it doesn’t have to be complex.  With blackjack, knowing when it would be more likely to hit a blackjack, for a 3:2 payout, is what can make the game exciting.  Card counting gives you that advantage and it doesn’t have to be hard.

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What You’ll Get and Learn

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Does It Work

It is a program that has everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, with nothing left out.

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Everything is done for you!  It is a complete A-Z affiliate marketing blueprint  to start your own business. There are high conversion features that you usually only find in high priced software.

It’s been developed as a time saver for affiliate marketing newbies, though more advance marketers could learn from it as well.  It’s a new program that’s only been available for a short time.

It will be offered for a limited time and this price. Now is the time to check it out before the price is increased.  It is a one time fee, with no re-bills or recurring cost, plus there is a 14 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

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Because 300 Dollar Day is designed by two highly successful affiliate marketers, and they are showing you the exact system they used and still use,  it’s definitely worth looking at.  It’s not a scam and is packed with a whole lot of information and strategies that you would probably pay a lot more money for elsewhere. 


This is not so much a variant of blackjack, but a super side bet that is played. It mixes 3-card poker and blackjack together, with very tempting odds. Another variant, Player’s Choice Blackjack, also mixes 3-card poker and blackjack, but in a different manner. You can check those rules here.

The game can be found in Las Vegas and online. According to Wizard of Odds, there are at least 8 different versions, based on the number of decks used and the payouts.

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Rules & Play of the Game

  • 2-8 decks used
  • Blackjack pay 3:2
  • Insurance is allowed
  • Double down is allowed
  • Splitting pairs is allowed, with 1 re-split
  • Can double after split
  • Dealer stands on any 17
  • +3 side bet must be played before cards are dealt
  • The player’s first 2 cards and the dealer’s upcard determine the 3-card bonus payout
  • +3 side bet is paid based on 3 card poker hands: Suited 3 of a kind, straight flush, 3 of a kind, straight, and flush

A hand starts with the player making a regular blackjack bet and the additional +3 side bet if they want to take that chance.

The player is dealt 2 faceup cards and the dealer receives 1 card face down and 1 card face up.

If the +3 bet wins, that is paid and play continues as in standard blackjack.

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Strategy & Odds

Because it is still basic blackjack, after considering the side bet, basic strategy should be used.  There is no strategy for the +3 bet, that is definitely the luck of the draw.  Once again proving that a side bet is usually a sucker bet. In this game, taking that chance every now and then can be lucrative (up to 100:1) because how the odds vary:

  • Flush pays 5:1
  • Straight pays 10:1
  • Three of a kind pays 30:1
  • Straight Flush pays 40:1
  • Suited 3 of a kind pays 100:1

The above is just one payout version.  Remember to check the odds where you play, because there are at least 8 different versions available where payouts can vary.


If you’re looking for a variant that will challenge you, this is NOT it. If you want to practice your basic strategy, with a chance to make a bit extra, then you could enjoy this.  Because the +3 bet is optional and doesn’t have to be made, playing this variant can be just like standard blackjack. 

Get a 15 Day Free Trial at

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21 BURN BLACKJACK-Rules & Play

21 Burn Blackjack is a variant found at online casinos, as it was developed by software provider Betsoft.  It is played like standard blackjack except that the player is allowed to “burn” or reject, his second card and accept another card.

It’s similar to Burn 20 blackjack, reviewed here, but the player gets to burn the card, instead of the dealer. The player must make the Burn wager, equal to half the original bet.

Vegas Casino Online


  • Six decks used
  • Dealer hits soft 17
  • Blackjack pays even money
  • Can double any two cards, even after a split
  • Pairs splits only once
  • No surrender
  • Insurance is allowed
  • Cannot burn after a split
  • Burn bet must equal half the original bet
  • Dealer peeks at hole card for blackjack
  • An ace and 10 after burning a card is treated as blackjack

Sun Palace Casino

Play of the Game

The hand starts with the player placing a wager onto the betting circle.  Then two cards are dealt to the player and dealer, with one face up for the dealer.  If the dealer has an ace up, player can take insurance, and then dealer checks for blackjack. 

After any insurance bets are taken care of, the player decides if he wants to burn his 2nd card. If so, he places the burn bet and receives a random card.

At this point, play continues as in standard blackjack, with the options to  double down, split or stand.

Once the dealer’s hand plays out, winnings are paid on the original bet and burn bet and then a new hand begins.

High Country Casino

Burn Bet Paytable

The burn bet is a built-in side bet.  If you receive an ace, it will pay 2:1 or 7:1 depending on the ace.  If you receive any other card, that bet is lost.

  • Ace of spades – pays 7 to 1
  • All other aces – pay 2 to 1
  • All other cards – loss
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The overall play is similar to standard blackjack, but the burn bet should only be used in certain situations. By burning a card, you’re hoping to get lucky with a card that will improve your hand, for half the amount of your original bet.

As with most side bets in blackjack, the burn bet is negative.  According to the experts, a player will lose 67.31% of the burn bet money they wager.  With that in mind, the burn bet should only be used when:

  • The first card is a 7, the second card is an 8 or 9, and the dealer shows a 7
  • The first card is an 8, the second card is a 4 or 5, and the dealer shows a 7
  • The first card is an 8, the second card is a 6 or 7, and the dealer shows a 7 or 8
  • The first card is an 8, the second card is a 9, and the dealer shows a 9
  • The first card is a 9, the second card is a 3, and the dealer shows a 9, 10, or ace
  • The first card is a 9, the second card is a 4, and the dealer shows a 10 or ace
  • The first card is a 9, the second card is a 5, and the dealer shows a 10
  • The first card is a 9, the second card is a 6 or 7, always burn
  • The first card is a 9, the second card is an 8, and the dealer shows an 8, 9 or ace
  • The first card is a 10, the second card is a 7, except if dealer shows a 3, 4, 5, or 6
  • The first card is a 10, the second card is a 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, always burn

You can find a chart form of this strategy at The Wizard of

While that may seem like a long list, you rarely want to burn your second card. You should notice that burning the second card should only be considered if your first card is 7, 8, 9 or 10.

Remember, the burn bet is highly negative and should be used sparingly, only when the odds of winning the initial bet are considerably improved.

Where to Play

Best online casinos to play this:

Las Vegas USA Casino

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Old Havana Casino


If you’re bored with standard blackjack, here’s another variant that will have you thinking and challenge your game play.  Though the burn bet is enticing, remember it’s a sucker bet like most side bets, and you should only play it in certain situations. If you know basic strategy, you can have fun with the challenges of this variant.

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While roulette is not a hard game to understand, the problem is learning how to bet properly. As in any game of chance, there is no fool-proof method to winning consistently.

How to Play

There is an American version and a European version, the difference being the “double zero” slot found in the American version. Players place their bets on the roulette table and watch as the croupier spins the roulette wheel in one direction and rolls the roulette ball in the opposite direction.  Once the ball stops and lands in a numbered slot, if you placed a bet on the number that the ball landed in, you’re a winner!  Once all bets are paid off for that spin, it starts all over again, a very simple process.

How to Bet on Roulette

Each player is given a different color chip, so the croupier knows which player to pay on different bets.  He can also guess the player jumping up and down is probably the one who won his bet. There will also be a table minimum bet.

There are two basic areas for betting in roulette, the inside and the outside. The minimum bet for the table is usually the same for inside and outside, however, the inside bet can cover multiple bets, whereas the outside bet covers one spot and must be that minimum.  For example, a $5 minimum inside bet can be $1 on 5 different numbers, and an outside $5 minimum bet is a $5 bet on one option.

Types of Inside Bets

  • Single Number – Straight bet – pays 35:1, the riskiest, but most rewarding
  • Two Numbers – Split bet – pays 17:1, your chips are placed on the line splitting 2 numbers
  • Three Numbers – Street bet – pays 11:1, your chips are placed on the line that separates the inside and outside of the table
  • Four Numbers – Corner or Square bet – pays 8:1, your chips are placed on the line intersecting all four numbers
  • Six Numbers – Double Street bet – pays 5:1, your chips are placed on the line between two rows of numbers, between the inside and outside of the table
  • In American roulette, there is a five number bet that pays 6:1, your chips are placed on the line beside the zero, double zero and numbers 1-3

Keep in mind that the inside bets have the best payouts, because they have the highest house edge and you have to assess the risks vs. the rewards.

Types of Outside Bets

  • Red or Black – pays 1:1, chips are placed on the red or black diamond
  • Odd or Even – pays 1:1, chips are placed on the odd or even rectangle
  • Field Bets – pays 1:1, chips are placed in the rectangles marked 1-18, or 19-36
  • Dozen Bet – pays 2:1, chips are placed in the rectangles marked 1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12
  • Column Bet – pays 2:1, also a 12 number bet, chips are placed in the squares at the end of the number columns

Outside bets are safer bets and therefore have lower payouts.

Best Roulette Tips and Strategy

  1. Beware of the house edge – Understand that the house edge in American Roulette is 5.26% (it’s 2.7% in the European game) which is big compared to the .5% house edge in blackjack. There are better ways than roulette, to make money in a casino.
  2. Manage your bankroll wisely – as in most casino games, give yourself a loss limit before you step to the table
  3. Control your emotions – if you keep calm while having fun, the smarter bets you’ll make and hopefully win more money
  4. Stick to the outside bets – While they have the lowest payouts, they are the safest bets, with more consistent payouts over the long run.
  5. Stay away from betting systems – There are popular betting systems, such as The Martingale System, associated with roulette, but for the most part, you’ll lose your bankroll quick if you run into a bad streak. As a beginner, don’t try to use any roulette betting system, just play for the fun and the experience.


In a casino, the roulette table can produce some of the loudest cheers. It’s a fun game that can have huge payouts for the players. There is no absolute strategy with this game of chance.  Each roll is a separate occurrence and you must remember the old adage “the wheel has no memory.”  Give it a chance, just for the fun of it!

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War Blackjack was first played in Las Vegas in 2013 and won the Raving Table Games Conference Best New Table Game of the year at the convention.

The good thing about this variant is that it’s not complicated at all because the difference is that it includes a side bet called the War Bet. It is a combination of blackjack and the card game war.


  • Can be based on any blackjack rules
  • For purposes of the War bet, Aces count as 1, all other cards are ranked as in poker (KvsQ is not a tie, it’s a win for the King)
  • Dealer wins War bet ties
  • The War bet is based on the first cards for the player and dealer
  • If the player wins the War bet, he can either collect his war wager and winnings or collect the war wager only and parlay the winnings by adding it to the blackjack wager
  • War bet pays even money
  • Once the player and dealer have 2 cards, the hand plays out like traditional blackjack
  • Double down is allowed
  • Splitting is allowed
  • Insurance is allowed
  • Surrender is not allowed
  • Dealer hits soft 17

Play of the Game

To start the hand, the player first makes a regular blackjack bet and a War bet if he wants.  The War bet is actually optional and doesn’t have to be made.  The War bet is only defined by table limits, it does not have to be any multiple of the blackjack bet.

The dealer deals the player a card and himself a card face up.  Whichever card is higher by rank, wins the War the bet.

As mentioned in the rules, if the player wins the War bet, he has two options. He can collect the bet and the winnings, or collect just the winnings and add the bet to his blackjack bet.

After that decision has been made, play continues with the player receiving a second card and the dealer receiving a second card face down.

If the dealer has a 10 or Ace showing, insurance is offered.  If the dealer doesn’t have blackjack, play continues as a standard game, where the player may hit, stand, double, or split.  The hand closest to 21, without going over wins.



Of course, the regular blackjack part of the game should be played with basic blackjack strategy.  The War bet is where some different strategy should be implemented.

Fortunately, it only involves a few decisions:

  • Never parlay the bet if the dealer shows an Ace or 10-value card
  • Never parlay the bet if you win with a 5 or lower
  • If you win with a six or higher, parlay only if your card and the dealer’s card total 11 or more
  • The only exception to the above rule is to parlay an 8 against a dealer’s 2


While it is basically traditional blackjack with a side bet, the house edge is heightened just a bit to 1.16% because of that.  But remember, the War bet is optional, so you can play at the table as if were regular blackjack, which would bring the house edge back down to .5%.

War blackjack seems to be available only in live casinos in Las Vegas, California, South Dakota and Oklahoma.  It makes blackjack fun to have an extra side bet if you want it.


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