300 DOLLAR DAY Review – Read This First

The 300 Dollar Day affiliate marketing system is a program that will show you exactly how 2 top affiliate marketers grew their affiliate marketing business into a 7-figure business.

It is a software and training system that will teach you how to sell digital products online.

The videos are done as though you’re looking over their shoulder, so you can see exactly what is done.

What You’ll Get and Learn

  • A 6 week training format to follow so you can learn at your own pace
  • The exact software system they used to grow their own business
  • Learn to pre-plan and launce affiliate marketing campaigns
  • Traffic Building instruction – How to build a following and social audience using Facebook groups. Learn to filter your audience so you’re promoting to the most interested prospects
  • List Building – How to create your own profit center with you own lists
  • How to build up a following and monetize that following

Does It Work

It is a program that has everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, with nothing left out.

The main program, called Bonus Builder, is a cloud based system designed specifically for the 300 Dollar Day system.  It will create bonus pages for any affiliate product you want to promote, with 15 premium products included that you can use.  Those bonus pages are high quality pages to increase conversions of your campaigns.

The email autoresponder included is called MyMailit.  A system they created that will allow you unlimited subscribers, unlimited mailing lists, unlimited imports and unlimited emails sent to your subscribers.

You’re given bridge pages to expand your email list, incentive pages to target social audiences, and delivery pages to give customers access to your bonuses.

Everything is done for you!  It is a complete A-Z affiliate marketing blueprint  to start your own business. There are high conversion features that you usually only find in high priced software.

It’s been developed as a time saver for affiliate marketing newbies, though more advance marketers could learn from it as well.  It’s a new program that’s only been available for a short time.

It will be offered for a limited time and this price. Now is the time to check it out before the price is increased.  It is a one time fee, with no re-bills or recurring cost, plus there is a 14 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

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Because 300 Dollar Day is designed by two highly successful affiliate marketers, and they are showing you the exact system they used and still use,  it’s definitely worth looking at.  It’s not a scam and is packed with a whole lot of information and strategies that you would probably pay a lot more money for elsewhere. 


You can lose weight while you sleep

Weight loss is one of the top searched for subjects on the internet today  You’ve obviously hear about Resurge and you want to make sure you’ve done your due diligent research before plopping down your hard earned money on yet another weight loss fix. This review will give you the current facts and help you decide if Resurge will be the weight loss solution for you.


Resurge is a dietary supplement pill designed to dramatically improve deep sleep and enhance natural metabolic regeneration for men and women.  The creator of Resurge, John Barban, claims those two factors are the primary cause of unexplained weight gain and stubborn body fat.

It is a mixture of 100% natural ingredients, combined in the exact, scientifically proven, amounts that will trigger the fat-burning hormones in the human body. Resurge will convert the body into a fat-burning machine that will also trigger fat resistance, thereby promoting weight loss.

The special bonus factor about this supplement is that it will do all that fat-burning while you sleep!


John Barban is known world-wide as an expert in metabolism and weight loss concepts.  He has top certifications in nutrition, physiology and biology, while also teaching at the university level.  He has also worked at the largest health companies, developing many popular nutritional supplements for these large companies.

He feels his greatest achievement is that through his research, he has helped transform millions of people into more healthy individuals.


First, John discovered that nighttime (especially deep sleep) is most important when considering weight loss. This is why he wanted to develop something that will work while you sleep.

While you are sleeping, your body is producing a tremendous amount of a growth hormone that promotes muscle and nerve recovery, as well as telling your body to use body fat for energy. 

In theory, if you can get a good quality sleep, you will produce hormones that will burn fat and promote weight loss.

Resurge works in just that manner. It has 8 natural ingredients that were discovered to aid in the metabolic boost (fat burning) and cellular revitalization that occurs naturally while you sleep.

The ingredients and their effectiveness are:

  • Arginine – Increases HGH levels during deep sleep
  • Ashwagandha – Reduces stress levels
  • Hydroxytryptophan – Enhances the effects of Melatonin and improves deep sleep quality
  • L-theanine – helps to maintain a steady heart rate, for anxiety control
  • Lysine – Increases HGH level in sleep
  • Magnesium – Improves ease of falling asleep
  • Melatonin – Increases the duration of deep sleep
  • Zinc – Improves your mind and keeps your body alert and fresh

This above combination of ingredients will quickly increase metabolism and allow for quick weight loss, while you sleep, no extra exercise necessary.


Because all ingredients are natural, there are no side effects if taken in the recommended dosage.  It has been FDA approved.



  • Easy to use
  • Works without extra exercise
  • Contains only natural ingredients
  • FDA Approved
  • 60-day Money back guarantee


  • Not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women
  • Not recommended for people under 18 years of age
  • Not sold in stores
  • High Shipping & Handling Charge


The price will vary depending on how many bottles you choose to purchase.

For 1 bottle:  $49, plus $49 shipping and handling

For 3 bottles: $39/bottle, plus $39/bottle shipping and handling

For 6 bottles: $34/bottle, plus $34/bottle shipping and handling


This has worked well for thousands of people. There has got to be a good reason that it is one of the hottest searched for weight loss products. If you have tried many different weight loss products in the past, with no success, I believe this is worth a try.  There are plenty of testimonials touting it’s effectiveness.

The idea of weight loss while you sleep is revolutionary, but the creator has backed it up with his many years of research.  It’s a product developed with all natural ingredients, so there should be no fear of bad side effects.  The creator believes in his product so much that he backs it up with a phenomenal 60-day money back guarantee.  What do you have to lose in trying it, except for excess weight? 

HALKI DIABETES REMEDY REVIEW – SCAM, maybe!? Read this first.

We can now add the Halki Diabetes Remedy to the numerous Type 2 Diabetes remedies to be found on the internet.  The question is whether or not it is for real.  Let’s get into that…


The Halki Diabetes Remedy is a program designed to eliminate Type 2 Diabetes.  Their research has concluded that Type 2 diabetes is the result of toxins, whether they be from the air, your food, your home or more. Their very simple solution then is to eliminate these toxins and you will reverse the causes of Type 2 diabetes and repair your body.  The remedy is to eat certain ingredients that will fight the offending toxins in your body.


The creators of the program determined that Type 2 diabetes is caused by an environmental toxin known as PM2.5.  PM stands for Particulate Matter and they determined it is linked to insulin resistance.

They referenced a study, published in 2010, that determined there was an increase in diabetes diagnosis in areas with increased concentrations of PM2.5.  While that study was not widely accepted, the Halki team focused their research on that theory.  There may be some link between pollution and diabetes, but most feel there needs to be quite a bit more research.


The essence of the Halki Diabetes Remedy is the practice of a twice a day, 60-second habit, only known to the inhabitants of the Agean Island of Halki. It helps to flush out the PM2.5 toxin and prevent Type 2 diabetes. The habit is ingesting a particular salad dressing that will make your sugar levels remain constant and not spike.


  • How can the main cause of diabetes be only 1 particular toxin, PM2.5
  • While they say no exercise is necessary, the program actually does recommend an exercise regime.
  • They claim ingesting the salad dressing is all that is necessary for the program to work, but they also include a detox tea to “enhance” the powers of the salad dressing
  • Doesn’t really go into the specifics of how the program works
  • The program may be based on unreliable theory


It is $37, with a money back guarantee



I won’t say the program is a scam because their idea of reversing Type 2 diabetes is viable.  You can find several programs on the internet that attest to the fact that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed.  Click here for a review of my top recommended program.

There are thousands of happy customers, so I’m not saying you shouldn’t try it.  Click here, if you still want to purchase it.  I just think better programs can be found.


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Diabetes Freedom picture

Can you reverse your Type 2 diabetes? Diabetes Freedom is a digital program designed to help those people with diabetes maintain proper sugar levels. More and more people are being diagnosed with diabetes, and more than 1 million people, each year, die from cardiovascular disease resulting from diabetes.


Diabetes Freedom is a complete, easy to follow, nutritional plan designed to reverse Type 2 diabetes, for everybody, without the use of medication, supplements, exercise or crash dieting.  Type 2 diabetes is the most frequently diagnosed form of diabetes. 

With Type 2 diabetes, your body doesn’t use insulin properly.  By Wikipedia definition, it is characterized by high blood sugar, insulin resistance and relative lack of insulin.  It usually occurs due to obesity and lack of exercise, yet is preventable by maintaining normal weight, eating properly and exercising regularly.

Diabetes Freedom will show you how to increase your good brown fat and reduce your negative white fat.  You will be able to recharge your liver function and build up your energy level.

The program focuses on strategically managing your meal times in order to optimally manage your body’s sugar markers.

And it is all done naturally, so no fear of harmful side effects from unnatural ingredients.  The plan is easy to follow, so all you need is motivation and desire to improve your health.


Diabetes Freedom breaks down the process of reversing Type 2 diabetes into 3 different components. It is also designed to work in a short 8 week time span.

The first section is the nutritional plan that will help you restart your pancreatic function. This will aid in decreasing your negative white fat cells that clog you from the inside.  Revitalizing your pancreatic functions, will crush your food cravings and eliminate toxins, among other things.

The next section is referred to as the brown fat boosting blueprint. What this aims to do is increase your friendly brown fat cells, in order to eliminate the negative white fat cells.  Fortunately, the technique takes only around 2 minutes and you are given multiple options to choose from!

The third and final section (as easy as 1-2-3) focuses on the meal timing strategies.  It teaches you how to eat at specific times that will promote healthy sugar markers, as well as, melt fat cells.  The tactics will also improve your sleep habits for a healthier lifestyle.


The value of the plan lies in the fact that it does implement a healthier lifestyle for those using it.  It can help anybody who is experiencing diabetic symptoms like irregular sugar levels.

Because Type 2 diabetes usually evolves out of poor health habits, the program is a great resource to prevent the development of that form of diabetes. It will reverse Type 2 diabetes because it works to prevent the root causes of Type 2 diabetes.

Your improved health because of the weight loss, improved sleep habits and increased energy levels makes the program worth it.


The original price for Diabetes Freedom was $127, but it is now available for only $27.  It is a limited time offer, and there is a 60-day money back guarantee available.

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  • Comprehensive and well-researched program
  • Reverses the causes of Type 2 diabetes
  • Aids in reducing blood sugar levels
  • Teaches strategic meal timing
  • Promotes fat burning without heavy exercise
  • 100% safe and scientifically proven
  • No unwanted side effects
  • Works for anybody at any age
  • 3 bonuses included


  • Results can vary
  • Not available in stores-only available online



The simplicity of the program is undeniable.  Because it attacks the root causes of Type 2 diabetes, the program is effective and will work for almost everybody.  For those few that it doesn’t work for, there is a money back guarantee, so nothing to lose but Type 2 diabetes!

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Easy Money Blackjack System – Review

This system was developed by an avid blackjack player who was frustrated with his inability to consistently win at blackjack.

He wanted a easy, practical system that anybody could master, to win at blackjack, without the need of deep concentration or card counting.


Easy Money Blackjack System is an 80-page digital manual, giving step by step directions on how to make your blackjack sessions profitable.


  • Several different charts and tables for easy visual learning
  • A simple strategy, with only a few rules,  that doesn’t require a lot of concentration
  • Additional bonuses that include, Vegas coupons, online house edge calculator for any game, printable pocket basic strategy cards
  • A 100%, no questions asked, 60-day, money back guarantee

The program teaches the following:

  • Methods of tracking favorable tables, to decide which table to play at
  • Proper chip stacking, to make betting easier and more routine
  • How to manage your bankroll by maximizing profits and minimizing losses
  • How to play within your limits and disguise your winning patterns, in order not to bring attention from pit bosses
  • Different strategies for playing at land-based casinos vs. online
  • Different strategies based on the number of decks being used
  • How to take advantage of liberal rules at different casinos
  • How to recognize tricks casinos will use to take your money and avoid falling for them
  • When it is a good time to take insurance
  • When is the proper time to surrender, how to use it for your benefit


This is a highly comprehensive and valuable course, with enough information to start making your blackjack sessions profitable on a more consistent basis.  It is clear and very easy to understand.

Easy Money Blackjack System is based on personal secrets and information amassed from many years of play and thousands of computer simulated hands played. 

It would be informational for even the most avid player, as it does point out many things that a typical blackjack book doesn’t give you.  It’s an easy to grasp system that will take your game to the next level.


Blackjack Attack, 3rd Edition Review

This is the 3rd and last edition for author Don Schlesinger, of his Blackjack Attack books. It is his largest and probably best reference book, with well over 500 pages and more than 400 tables and charts.

The book includes a compilation of 13 years of articles that were published through Arnold Snyder’s Blackjack Forum.  The Blackjack Forum has been and still is a great resource for any level blackjack player. It also includes brand-new material that has never been published.

Being the third edition, it is targeted at the more advanced blackjack player.  If you’re a beginner or less experienced player, you might feel much of it is over your head.  Though it reviews the basics, it is for the player who understands basic concepts and is looking to get their game to that next level of  profitable blackjack on a consistent basis.

He has gotten contributions from some of the sharpest minds in blackjack research. Working together with these other experts, they explain how they’ve broken new ground in many different ways.  Through their research, they feel they have “The World’s Greatest Blackjack Simulation”  system.  It gives you the complete set of 8-deck charts, optimal betting ramps, risk-of-ruin equations, and how to test the formulas’ accuracy, providing the reader great new research.

What you will find new in this edition are chapters 9, 12, and 13.  Respectively, the enhanced SCORE (Standardized Comparison of Risk and Expectation), article, explaining the differences of various blackjack games and card counting systems, is new for chapter 9.  Chapter 12 takes you on a walk down the Vegas Strip, and Chapter 13 shows the research on shoe-departure points, as well as risk-averse strategies.  And there are new appendices with new and revised tables, strategy expectation tables, how rules variations can effect play, and much, much more.

As a final note, this “Ultimate Weapon” third edition of Blackjack Attack provides essentially all the tools that an advanced blackjack player should have in their arsenal of knowledge, to exact a full-out mugging on the casinos.

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Products to Improve Your Blackjack Skills


Blackjack Bluebook II – Revised 2017 edition

  • Author: Fred Renzey
  • Originally published: 2006

This is a top rated book that covers everything from basic strategy to simple card counting, as in most books.  It’s another book that will take your game to the next level.  This revised edition gives new color strategy charts and advanced strategies on what comes after basic strategy. Many players consider it the new bible of blackjack, that should be in your library of blackjack books.  Click the link to purchase the Blackjack Bluebook II from Amazon.


Blackbelt in Blackjack-Playing 21 as a Martial Art

  • Author:  Arnold Snyder
  • Originally Published:  1983

Arnold Snyder is a highly regarded blackjack expert in the blackjack community.  He has authored several books and because I like his thoughts and ideas on his blackjack forum online website, I figured I’d start my more in depth learning with one of his books. Per the title, I thought it would be a fun read.  It does use a martial arts theme and is divided into three parts. It starts with basic blackjack methods and strategies, then teaches a couple of his famous card counting methods.  The last part is more advanced than needed because he details working within professional teams of blackjack players.

Being one of his first blackjack books, it is geared toward the beginner player, except the last section. It gives basic strategy, some card counting methods ad how to advance into building teams of blackjack players for maximum profit.  Some things are outdated at this point (remember it was first published in 1983) and don’t really apply with how the games is played today.  I felt that was okay though, because it lets you understand how the game has changed.  The card counting methods he explains are still used today, but there are definitely easier methods available today.  Any level of player can take something away from this book.

Blackbelt in Blackjack

The Big Book of Blackjack

  • Author:  Arnold Snyder
  • Originally Published: 2006

Being a fan of Arnold Snyder’s blackjack expertise, I decide to get this book as well.  Many readers have stated that this pretty much has all of Snyder’s blackjack knowledge in one place.  Considering this came out 23 years after “Blackbelt in Blackjack,” it of course is even more comprehensive and detailed than his earlier masterpiece.  Every topic is discussed in complete detail, including the history of blackjack. He actually covers quite a bit of the history of blackjack, more than you might want to really know.  If you only want to buy one book about blackjack, this should be it.  It has been dubbed “the blackjack bible” by professional blackjack players everywhere.

Big Book of Blackjack

Modern Card Counting: Blackjack

  • Author: Patrick Lisenmeyer

Learning how to count cards is what will take your game to the next level.  This book is easy to understand, clear, concise and will improve your game to the point where it will make the game more enjoyable because you’ll be winning more often than not.  As a pleasant and helpful bonus, it includes flash cards as visual aids for faster learning.  It gives you an in depth analysis of how card counting works and the strategies to use with card counting for a profitable evening of blackjack at the casino.  It’s not a waste of money.

Modern Card Counting:Blackjack

Strategy Card – Wallet sized, allowed at tables, great reference on what the correct play is in any situation.  Don’t have your table mates mad at you because you didn’t play with the correct strategy.  


Blackjack Verite Games – This is a practice app for Blackjack basic strategy and card counting designed to operate on tablets and smartphones.  The app supports more functionality than all other Blackjack apps put together.  It includes: Realistic graphics, playing strategies, betting strategies, strategies for unusual games like Spanish 21, Superfun 21, Blackjack Switch and more.  Full game customization in terms of 1-6 seat tables, dealer speed variance and more.  A must for card counters and anyone who wants to practice and understand many of the different blackjack games available.  It is worth the money if you want to be a serious blackjack player.


Blackjack for Blood

Bryce Carlson wrote this book for players to gain the edge at casinos, while mixing in actual stories of what the blackjack environment can be like for the professional gamble. It is a highly recommended book, especially helpful in improving your card counting skills, a vital requirement for profitable blackjack playing.  Great reviews on Amazon.



Run your own  blackjack game at your house with this:

  Great looking table that comes professionally packaged, so little chance of damage due to shipping.  It is a good-weighted table top that will fit comfortably on most medium-sized dining/game tables.

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