How to Win at the Blackjack Table

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blackjack13Patience is a virtue at any blackjack table and keeping a few simple rules in mind is the best way to win at the blackjack table.

Master Basic Blackjack Strategy

Any book or instructor will tell you the first thing you must learn is the basic strategy for playing blackjack. If you don’t know the game, inside and out, you definitely won’t win on a regular basis.  There is some luck involved of course or it wouldn’t be considered gambling, but luck will not win out in the long run.  In terms of giving yourself the best chance to win at blackjack, there are specific moves to make for any given situation that will come up during a hand of blackjack.  A basic blackjack strategy chart will tell you the best move to make depending on what you have and what the dealer has.  Memorize these rules and you’ll drop the casino’s edge to less that one half percent.  Those are the odds you need to learn how to beat the casinos in blackjack.

Specific Game Rules

Make sure you actually look at the table rules and limits before you sit down.  Just take the time to observe at least one round of play, to make sure it’s a table you’d be comfortable playing a hand or two at.  Make sure you know the mimimum and maximum bets allowed.  Many players look at only what the minimum bet is, but being aware of the maximum is also important to maximize your bettig strategies.

Look for a Friendly Dealer

You might not think so, but a friendly dealer can absolutely make the difference in a profitable playing session.  They do work for tips and should be nice to you.  If they aren’t, move to another table, without feeling bad.  Giving the dealer a tip every now and then will give them reason to “help” you by giving you a little extra time to think about the correct play if you get a little flustered.  If you’re rude to them, they’ll  be rude to you by rushing the play, forcing you to make quick decisions that may be wrong.  The dealer doesn’t control the cards, but does control the speed of play, which you want to be a your pace, not theirs.

Play Smart and Within your Limit

Make sure you’ve determined your spending limit before you sit down at a table and stick to the plan.  You will play more relaxed and smarter if you’re not worried about playing with mony you really can’t afford to lose.  Remember, it is gambling and in reality, the casino is slightly favored to win, so don’t play with money your can’t afford to lose, because you won’t win every time.

You are in control of how long you play.  Don’t slap all your money down on the first table you sit at.  Play with about one third of you total bankroll at first to see how the cards are running.  If the cards are runing favorably, increase your betting, if not, get up and move to another table.blackjack5

Avoid Sucker Bets

Save your money with these final tips:

  • Never buy insurance
  • Try not to play at tables where the dealer can hit a soft 17 (increases the house edge by .2 percent)
  • Make sure a blackjack pays at least 3:2 odds (More and more Vegas casinos pay 6:5 on blackjack, increasing the house edge to 1.39 percent)


Blackjack is a game and should be fun for you to play, while giving you that chance to win some money. You can win at the blackjack table, but if you’re not enjoying yourself, it’s time to get up and go home!







4 thoughts on “How to Win at the Blackjack Table”

  1. Hi Yvette,

    Well written article. Blackjack is the game which gives players the best edge against the house. I spent a number of months playing online live blackjack for a living and traveled a lot thanks to this game 🙂 I would suggest teaching the basics of card counting; even though it’s harder to count cards with 8 decks. But a little bit of analytical skills always stick around in the back of your head and give you an edge.

  2. I like your advice of having a predetermined limit. My friend went to Vegas and got so caught up in it that he lost $5,000. He was not too happy about that when he returned home.

  3. I’m glad I came across this. I like to gamble and never really knew how to play blackjack. It kind of intimated me, but after reading this I feel better about approaching a table next time.

  4. Excellent rules to play by-even if you are playing another card game. I have seen people sit down at a Blackjack table, and within a short amount of time have blown their stash. There are ways to win at Blackjack, and you have mentioned the most important aspects if you want to be a winner!!


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